Weller Development Partners is a dynamic and innovative mixed-use development firm
that builds world-class communities.

Led by Founding Partner and President Marc Weller and Partner Steve Siegel, our leadership team offers a wide range of expertise and experience to tackle the most complex real estate developments. At the heart of the company ethos is a triple-bottom-line approach to development, designing strategies that are financially viable, while also providing benefits to surrounding communities, the environment, and investors.

With a growing portfolio of distinctive mixed-use development projects and a proven track record of successful and celebrated ventures, Weller Development Partners delivers value and results, no matter the complexity or odds, and we have fun doing it.

weller podcast


Weller Development Partners is excited to introduce a new podcast, From the Ground Up with Marc Weller. The team at Weller Development Partners believes in the idea that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” And on land, cranes have that same potential, to lift and transform communities, from the ground up.

With over 40 years of joint experience developing and building residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate projects, real estate pros Marc Weller and Matt Rienzo offer a unique and powerful range of expertise for all phases of development. Put on your hard hats on as Marc and Matt lead lively discussions on development trends and projects with guests from across the industry. Plus, listen in for a special segment called the #RisingTideMoment to hear real-world real estate examples that are truly lifting the industry and communities.