Weller Development Announces New Resort & Branded Residences in Napa California, In Partnership with Six Senses and IHG Hotels & Resorts

The natural mineral waters of Aetna Springs will flow in harmony with Napa County’s prestigious reds

Six Senses is taking its wellness and sustainability formula to a sanctuary in Napa County, an agricultural haven producing some of the world’s most sought-after wine. Named after the natural thermal Aetna Springs discovered in the 1870s, the original resort thrived until the 1970s as a natural spa destination, with Aetna Mineral Water also sold throughout the American West.

“Six Senses Napa will marry the region’s beauty with the unique natural resources of the original Aetna Springs,” said Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs. “Working with Weller Development Partners, Pegasus Capital Advisors, and committed sustainability partners, we have the right energy in place to revitalize this precious jewel in the Napa crown as a destination to rewild our guests back to a connection with nature, each other, and ultimately themselves.”

Six Senses Napa Valley, Aetna Springs

The sparkling lakes and rolling hills of vineyards at Six Senses Napa.


Heritage restoration

Conveniently located a two-hour drive from San Francisco, Six Senses Napa will welcome guests to the western edge of a vast 3,000-acre estate. The existing structures will be sensitively preserved, and the landscape regenerated to bring back the beauty and functionality of the natural mineral springs, with a focus on native planting and carbon sequestration.

As for the historic resort itself, award-winning architecture firm Olson Kundig will work alongside California-based Architectural Resources Group and renowned developer of multiple historic projects, Weller Development Partners, to ensure the structures are preserved and adapted to suit the next chapter in its story.

Six Senses Napa Valley, Aetna Springs

One of the historic buildings on the Aetna Springs property that will be carefully restored and preserved.


“There’s so much about this site that I find deeply inspirational, from its layers of history as an agrarian and resort community to its stunning natural beauty. This new project provides a great opportunity to craft an authentic experience for visitors that centers around deepening connections to this special landscape,” said Tom Kundig, Owner and Founder of Olson Kundig.

There will be a choice of 95 rooms and suites, including ten tent-style structures, with interiors designed by 1508 London, known for their knowledge and unique capabilities in luxury hospitality. There will also be 16 branded residences, which will be serviced by Six Senses and, alongside all the resort amenities, enjoy access to a dedicated lounge.

Connecting past, present, and future

With a retreat vibe and location, wellness will be front and center in luring local and international guests. Programming will include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Visiting Practitioners, and various treatments and therapies, all inspired by nature. Personalized longevity programs will work on the mind-gut-skin connection, fusing scientific advances in neuroscience with ancient wisdom worth remembering.

The historic mineral springs will be revived with indoor and outdoor thermal experiences and bathing. For anyone new to natural swimming, this is the place to experience the joy of pond floating, belly and spirit buoyant as the sun cuts through the morning mist. Restored greenery will ensure pockets of privacy for a secluded post-swim lounge on the surrounding decks.

Six Senses Napa Valley, Aetna Springs

One of the spring-fed ponds on the property, a perfect place to float and unwind.


Layered onto this will be pioneering indoor bathing facilities incorporating local herbs and essential oils into hot and cold therapies as guests relax and rejuvenate, privately or socially, to tap into the positive vibes of the whole community.

The sensory Alchemy Bar is the place to blend spa scrubs and soaps to suit the season and mood, using natural ingredients picked from the resort’s organic garden.

Nature’s bounty

One of the four food and beverage outlets will be an open-plan Dining Hall animated by long communal tables and cozy corners among the totem poles for intimate dinners, popping corks, or questions.

The (unsurprisingly named) Well will tempt guests to an informal and open-air space to celebrate the history of Aetna Springs with mineral water bottling and distilling. To dilute all that water will be the region’s best wines, including Napa’s famed Cabernets.

The Juice & Brew Bar will offer further taste sensations, with in-house alchemists of the liquid kind crafting homemade and herbal tonics and tinctures, detox juices, artisanal and draft beers, and original and classic cocktail recipes.

The historic spring house on the Aetna Springs property.

Regeneration for future generations

The investment group, comprising Weller Development Partners, Pegasus Capital Advisors, and IHG Hotels & Resorts, will work with expert partners in sustainability to restore the recreational green spaces, vineyards, and agricultural activities supporting the resort. The water bottling program will tap into the natural springs and offset operational water requirements. Practices such as carbon sequestration, sustainable design and materials, and rewilding zones will help the resort achieve LEED certification.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our ongoing partnership with Six Senses and Pegasus Capital Advisors,” said Marc Weller, Founding Partner and President at Weller Development Partners. “As we continue to strategically expand our hospitality division nationally and internationally, the Aetna Springs development in Napa presents a phenomenal opportunity to marry the top luxury hotel brand in the world with one of the most incredible natural landscapes in the United States.”

“We are pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with Six Senses, as they embody our ethos of sustainability, health, and wellness,” said David Cogut, Partner at Pegasus Capital Advisors. “Six Senses Napa will create an extraordinary experience that will stay with guests while restoring and revitalizing the property.”

Six Senses Napa is slated to open in 2026.

Six Senses Napa Valley, Aetna Springs

The historic entrance that has welcomed guests to Aetna Springs since the early 1900s.

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