Value Proposition

Weller Development Partners is a relationship-driven, transparent team that takes an aggressive approach to creative problem-solving. We move fast and we think big. Our sterling track record of celebrated mixed-use developments is a result of our unique multidisciplinary approach to every project. These key differentiators set us apart from the rest and keep us ahead of the pack.

Port CovingtonWeller Development Partners has extensive experience in phased developments featuring complex land models.

Our track record includes successfully navigating YE2020 Port Covington transaction closing and construction start on Chapter 1B Phase (1.1M SF, $650MM equity/debt/TIF). The team offers several in-place departments outside of a traditional development model that are required to execute on a project of this magnitude including horizontal development, master planning & innovation, and hospitality/activations.

Our experienced team has developed a rationale for proving out a “placemaking premium” investment thesis that creates additional land value.

We understand and emphasize the importance of site anchors (both retail and design elements). Weller Development Partners achieved this in Port Covington Chapter 1B phase through thoughtful design and placemaking efforts such as targeted low density, enhanced streetscapes, and creative, flexible retail merchandising to create a human-scale place.

The team at WDP are experts at protecting and elevating our partners’ brands and reputations as demonstrated through our success in Port Covington.

We leverage the strength of our experienced team of political strategists & communications consultants to ensure the best possible strategy can be established and executed. Where desired, our team has proven expertise in elevating and promoting our partners’ brands while minimizing negative headline risk and increasing profitability. We’re experienced in shaping and changing the narrative to build stronger communities and create value for all stakeholders.

Our team is comprised of real estate experts with decades of experience successfully navigating public-private partnerships.

 The Weller Development Partners portfolio includes several million square feet of new development and construction, including hotel, business incubator, restaurant, office, retail, residential, and industrial. We’re adept at structuring large-scale transactions with public-private funding including TIF financing, horizontal/vertical value creation, and Opportunity Zone execution.

We understand how to capture the allure of the water.

 Weller Development Partners is skilled in developing sustainable waterfronts, including navigating the complexities of the permitting, design, construction, and operation in waterfront environments. Our team has delivered and/or operated hundreds of thousands of square feet of waterfront developments along Baltimore’s storied waterfront neighborhoods, including a hotel, restaurant/bar, distillery, marina, and public space uses.

Our innovative and experienced construction team is capable of managing and coordinating construction of extremely complex sites.

 Strategic land planning, grading, utility, and cross-coordination between development and internal construction management team is key to our seamless approach to construction management, consistently delivering projects on schedule and on budget. We’ve developed a well-honed process of selecting general contractors, a strong network of award-winning partners, and systems that utilize the newest technologies for optimal construction processes and reporting.

We have a proven track record with many of the nation’s most established financial institutions.

Weller Development Partners assembles powerful partnerships that reflect the quality of our developments. We have a sterling track record of delivering profit to our investors and succeeding from a business perspective while delivering exceptional buildings, public spaces and services. The WDP team is comprised of creative problem-solvers. The company led the Master Plan, Entitlement, TIF Financing, and equity raise processes for the initial land venture garnering an investment in excess of $800 Million, including one of the largest property-increment backed TIFs in the United States totaling $660 Million and an investment of $233 Million from the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group.

We’ve established a reputation for creating events and activations that enliven our developments and improve the bottom line by attracting people, raising visibility, and converting followers and repeat visits.

 Our in-place marketing team and a managed group of consultants offer innovative strategies and experience in establishing brand and providing meaningful experiences for diverse audiences. Curated VIP tours and experienes include boat cruises, history and ecology tours, private dining, weddings, parties, corporate events, helicopter tours, and more.

Weller Development Partners is dedicated to the communities in which it works.

 Our partnership efforts to embrace the community’s priorities are an integral part of our development investments. Real estate development is an economic generator and job creator, and our triple-bottom-line approach to development ensures that our projects are financially viable, while also providing benefits to surrounding communities, the environment, and investors. In 2016, our team successfully executed the largest community benefits agreement in Baltimore’s history, representing a combined investment of more than $100 million over the course of the Port Covington development and ensuring that the transformational nature of the project reaches beyond its physical boundaries.