Poolesville that will feature a custom grape-crushing facility

The craft beverage industry is growing and thriving in Montgomery County, Maryland

By Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation | October 10, 2022 –

Crossvines, a new development project in Poolesville, recently started construction on what will consist of a winery, casual bistro special events venue and a custom grape-crushing facility. At the groundbreaking ceremony in April 2022, County Executive Marc Elrich described the Crossvines venture as β€œan exciting project that will change the economic prosperity of the Agricultural Reserve. As one of the only grape crushing facilities in the region, this will open up opportunities for more landowners to grow profitable grapes and to explore winemaking as part of their future options,” he says.

The vineyard on the property is a collaboration between the Montgomery County Revenue Authority, The Universities at Shady Grove, and The University of Maryland Extension. Agriculture students will use it to learn about the wine industry.