CFG Bank signs lease Baltimore Peninsula

CFG Bank Signs Lease at Baltimore Peninsula Becoming Newest Commercial Tenant Holding Largest Lease to Date

Years in the Making, CFG Bank to Move to the South Baltimore Development in Q4 2023, Leasing 97,000 Square Feet of Space

The Baltimore Peninsula Development Team and CFG Bank today announced that CFG Bank has signed a lease for three floors, totaling 97,000 square feet of space at 2455 House Street in Baltimore Peninsula, formerly Port Covington. CFG Bank is the development’s latest confirmed commercial tenant, signing a 15-year lease at the 235-acre mixed-use development. 2455 House Street will also serve as the headquarters for Capital Funding Group and the Jack and Nancy Dwyer Workforce Development Center.


2455 House Street in Baltimore Peninsula.

2455 House Street in Baltimore Peninsula


CFG Bank’s lease follows the September 2022 announcement that H. Chambers Company, an architecture and interior design firm, will relocate to the development in March of 2023 as the first commercial tenant, occupying 9,000 square feet of space at Rye Street Market over a 10-year lease.

“We always knew that Baltimore would be a ‘build it and they will come’ office market, and now that the buildings are delivering you are seeing that dynamic play out,” said Marc Weller, Founding Partner and President at Weller Development Partners. “Since first introducing CFG Bank to the project, we always thought they would be a great fit given their aligned entrepreneurial philosophy and their focus not only on transforming the banking experience but also their commitment to the community. We are so excited to see CFG Bank moving to this new burgeoning neighborhood.”


Construction of the first phase of Baltimore Peninsula is nearly complete.


The announcement comes as the development’s first phase of vertical construction nears completion, with over 1.1 million square feet of new office, retail, and mixed-income residential opening in 2023.

“It’s a momentous milestone for the project to welcome CFG Bank as a new anchor tenant,” said Steve Siegel, Partner at Weller Development. “Our team has focused regionally and nationally on attracting new businesses to the city, and we are excited to have CFG join us in the effort to elevate the surrounding communities and all of Baltimore City.”

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