Thomas Maulding

Thomas Maulding, Vice President & General Counsel
Vice President & General Counsel
20+ Years
Litigation, Real Estate Law, Environmental Law, Risk Mitigation
Based In
Washington, D.C.

Thomas Maulding is Vice President and General Counsel at Weller Development Partners. He is responsible for overseeing risk mitigation, evaluating insurance requirements and the provision of appropriate policies, and directing litigation matters. Mr. Maulding also works with the property management team, assisting project managers with the negotiation and drafting of contracts, navigating regulatory and compliance matters, and managing all property rights. Ultimately, he is responsible for finalizing and approving any contracts wherein the companies engage with third parties.

Mr. Maulding has over 20 years of law experience with expertise is litigation, environmental law, and real estate.

Prior to joining Weller Development Partners, Mr. Maulding was General Counsel for Sagamore Development Company. There, he managed and directed the organization of all affiliated companies and was responsible for the maintenance of corporate records for all business entities. Mr. Maulding played an integral role in acquiring the real properties purchased to create the Port Covington development project by conducting due diligence and managing outside counsel in the negotiation and drafting of sale agreements. Mr. Maulding also directed all of the environmental management of the real properties.