Get to Know: Shane Omar, Partner at Weller Development Partners

Shane Omar joined Weller Development Partners in January 2023 as a Partner and has over 26 years of experience in the construction and real estate development industry.  In a recent podcast episode of From the Ground Up with Marc Weller, Shane discussed his background, lessons learned, and his path to success in the industry.


It’s All About the Competition

Shane is competitive by nature — growing up playing sports and ultimately playing varsity collegiate golf at Eastern Michigan University.  This competitive by nature attitude carries over to his modern-day career and is a key component of how he approaches every project and every day in the office. His motivation and determination to win is still a huge part of his DNA and is a common thread that has helped him succeed in his career — trait he shares with many of his colleagues at Weller Development Partners.  Shane said, “If you can figure out a way to win in your career, that is a remarkable achievement, and a goal I am constantly working towards.”


Over the course of his career, Shane has worked on projects across the United States and internationally. Shane said, “The ability to work in a wide variety of geographic areas and see how projects are built in different parts of the country inspires confidence and pushes me to challenge myself.  I have learned that no where you are in the world, it’s the determination and strategic approach to problem solving that really matters.”


Shane’s experience working bi-coastal lends itself perfectly to Weller Development Partners current projects, which are located throughout the US and internationally. Shane and the team have recently wrapped up projects in the US, including Port Covington, now known as Baltimore Peninsula, and have shifted gears to international luxury hospitality projects including, Six Senses Grand Bahama and Six Senses Napa, which focus on combining luxury resorts with branded residential with environmental sustainability and regeneration.


People & Relationships Matter

The decision to join the Weller Development team was very intentional, and Shane felt an immediate connection the moment he began meeting everyone on the Weller team.  Shane recognized the entrepreneurial spirit of the company and the team, from the top down, and the push to do whatever it takes to get projects done on time and on budget. This entrepreneurial spirit and determination spoke to Shane’s personal brand and goals for the next chapter of his career.  Shane said, “In real estate development, relationships are the key to success. Teams that collaborate well together are more likely to be successful in navigating the complex development process. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people were forced to work in a virtual world, but now that the pandemic is over and people are getting back to their pre-covid lifestyles, having the in-person experiences back is continuing to prove to be invaluable. You can’t replace that level of human connection!”


“We are always networking to find new people, partners, products, and ideas, seeking out collaborative relationships that can drive our business forward.” Weller Development Partners teams up with leading industry experts to create the ultimate luxury experience. Shane said, “People make it happen, and I love working with creative people who share the same values to collaborate to create incredible work and results.”


Want to learn more about Shane? Listen to Episode 21 of our podcast, From the Ground Up with Marc Weller, The Future of Real Estate Development with Shane Omar!