Community Spotlight: Sissel Mosvold-Johnson

At Weller Development Partners, we are dedicated to fostering meaningful connections with the communities where we work. A critical component of our triple-bottom-line ethos is genuine engagement with the local community surrounding our projects. To highlight some of our local partners and their work, we are featuring their stories in an ongoing community spotlight series. We hope you will enjoy learning about these incredible local partners and their stories as we celebrate their successes!

Local Artisans Supporting the Eco-Tourism Movement

Grand Bahama is the epicenter of environmental sustainability, the residents and businesses on the island are on the front lines to preserve our planet and its resources. Our work in Grand Bahama will aim to shed light on the natural wonders and beauty of the island, while also promoting responsible eco-tourism. To highlight the island’s beauty and promote our work, we partnered with talented Bahamian artisans to showcase the essence of Grand Bahama.

Meet Sissel Mosvold-Johnson – Peace of My Heart Art  

We are excited to spotlight Sissel Mosvold-Johnson, owner of Peace of My HeartArt. Ms. Mosvold-Johnson creates beautifully hand painted sea biscuits (also known as a sea urchins), which we proudly shared with our clients for them to have as a symbol of the island’s beauty and rich biodiversity.   

Born in Grand Bahama, Ms. Mosvold-Johnson moved to Canada as a teenager, then returned to the island in 2009, where her family established a working farm. However, in 2019, Hurricane Dorian devastated their farm, resulting in a huge loss and severe issues with PTSD. Seeking solace after the hurricane, a friend recommended she take up painting to cope with her anxiety, which marked the beginning of her art journey.  

Ms. Mosvold-Johnson incorporates environmental sustainability into her work by painting on used conch shells and other beach-found materials. The sea biscuits she paints for Weller Development, are found on a local beach near her home which she walks daily with her husband and dog. Ms. Mosvold-Johnson expressed her enthusiasm about her partnership with Weller, saying, “My collaboration with Weller has given me a boost both from a personal level and financially, as well as giving me an excitement for what is to come for Grand Bahama.”  

Living through Hurricane Dorian gave Ms. Mosvold-Johnson a fresh perspective on the idea of second chances, which she incorporates in her art. She hopes her creations raise awareness about Grand Bahama’s marine life.  

To check out more of Ms. Mosvold-Johnson’s work, visit her Facebook Page: Peace of My Heart Art.